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Switch To Plant-Based Skincare

Switch To Plant-Based Skincare

We know toxins are in our food, hair care, cosmetics, and skincare. With the skin, our largest organ, taking the brunt of protecting us from bacteria, infections, and UV damage, it's about time we started to take care of it.

With all this knowledge, it doesn't mean switching to natural, plant-based skincare doesn't feel scary.

Will I breakout? Will my skin become oily? Will it work as well at targeting my key skin concerns?

We step you through what to expect, the detox phase and share top tips for getting the best results from your natural, plant-based skincare.


Why switch to plant-based skincare?

Each day women apply 12 – 15 beauty products, from our deodorant to our skincare to our makeup. If these aren't natural, plant-based beauty products, this can add up to a daily exposure of 170 unique chemicals.

It takes just 60 – 90 seconds for your skincare to be absorbed into the skin. Within 2 – 3 minutes, your skincare begins to hit your bloodstream. If you're not using natural, plant-based skincare, that's the potential for these chemicals to be pumped around your body.

Some of these unique chemicals are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens that have been shown to cause hormonal imbalances, fertility issues and irritate the skin.


What happens in the detox phase?

When you start the switch to natural, plant-based skincare, your skin will go through a detox phase.

It takes around 30 days for the cells on the skin's surface to shed and for a new layer to appear. This means it'll take 30 days until you start to see the true benefits of making the switch to natural, plant-based skincare. Around 60 days, your skin will truly illuminate from the switch.

During the first 30 days of a natural, plant-based skincare routine, your skin may go through a purging phase as your skin unloads the toxic build-up that benefits the skin's surface. This could appear as short-lived pimples, blackheads and congested skin.

This is your skin's way of pushing out toxins and products stuck within the skin.

Applying a clay mask 1-2 times a week will help the detoxification process and draw out impurities deep from within the skin without stripping the skin of moisture.


How do you get the best results from your plant-based skincare?

Take the time to choose your natural, plant-based products based on your skin type and skin concerns you'd like to address. We recommend sticking to these products for the entire 60 days, especially during the detox phase. You'll be able to see the true luminous affects switching to natural, plant-based skincare has on your complexion.

Most skin types will see the best results cleansing twice, toning and applying oil morning and night. Once you've moved past the detox phase you can play with slowly adding serums and treatments one at a time.

Make sure you apply good quality daily sunscreen and removing it with an oil cleanser at evening. Your sunscreen will have an effect on your skincare routine. Our currently chosen daily sunscreen is Ultra Violette and for long beach days, we feel good inc. (This isn’t sponsored.)


60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Making the switch to natural, plant-based skincare is as much of a lifestyle and health choice as getting your fresh produce from the local markets, exercising regularly or brushing your teeth.

The goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin.

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