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Knowing skincare isn’t about patching over the ‘problem areas’ and pretending we’re fine, but offering our skin support for what it actually needs to heal and be nourished - and isn’t that a perfect metaphor for life!

LUNAR Skincare believes that the best ingredients come from nature herself. We make plant-based skincare to see you through the ebbs and flows of life, love and luminous skin.

Each product is made with a specific skin type and skin concern in mind, so you have confidence in knowing that your skin will be support with what it needs right now to heal and be nourished.

Want something a little more bespoke than that?
Then choose by feel - trusting yourself to know what your skin needs right now.

Mixologist & Creator

As a teen I endured terrible acne, which started my lifelong obsession with skincare. I've always had a deep-rooted connection to nature; an interest in how what we put into our bodies and onto our bodies makes us feel and a desire to make others feel their best.

LUNAR skincare ignited out of a passion for wanting to do something bigger than myself. It was an urge to birth something into the world that fulfilled my desire to help others make more meaningful, health-conscious and positive choices for themselves.

I started this business with bottles, essential oils, base oils, a few tears, cups of tea, late-night chats and a hell of a lot of love.

That’s what this skincare range still is. Unfussy, a little raw, transparent and authentic. LUNAR skincare is about coming back to simple, natural, honest basics that ground us within ourselves.

LUNAR's Alchemy

Honestly, we’re sold too many chemicals under the name of self-care, too many products under the guise of self-love.

Our skin needs what we all need, genuine nurturing, not from a fear of getting old or spots or whatever the issue is, but from a place of simple acceptance of what is happening and what is best for it right now.

We focus on small-batch products made with love from plant-based ingredients and infused under the magnetic energy of the moon.