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Stress & Your Skin

Stress & Your Skin

It's no hidden secret that stress plays a role in hormonal imbalances and changes. How do short-lived and chronic stress hormones affect our skins dewy glow?

The gut-brain connection is easy to get our head around. We experience butterflies when we're excited or say we feel sick to our stomach when nervous.

When we understand the gut skin connection and how skin provides clues to our digestive health, it's no wonder that stress takes its toll on our skin.

Studies show that acute and chronic stress can adversely affect overall skin wellness and exacerbate several skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.


How can you tell if stress is affecting your skin?
Stress appears as:
πŸŒ™ Breakouts
πŸŒ™ Oily skin
πŸŒ™ Dark circles under the eyes
πŸŒ™ Dry skin
πŸŒ™ Existing conditions may increase due to increased inflammation


How else can stress affect your skin?
Stress disrupts the epidermal barrier, the top layer of the skin that locks in moisture and protects us from harmful microbes, as well as reducing its ability to repair itself.

A healthy epidermal barrier is essential for glowing skin. When disrupted, it can lead to irritated skin and chronic skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, or wounds. Acne flare-ups are also linked to stress.


How do I repair stressed skin?
Repairing stressed skin and a disrupted epidermal barrier is a holistic approach. Incorporating stress release techniques into your daily or weekly routine will help to manage the hormonal element.

Next, you'll want to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits of a well-balanced diet, drinking enough water and exercising regularly. Look at including sweet potato, leafy greens, blueberries, salmon and chamomile tea into your diet.

Last but not least, focus on a skincare routine that'll help repair your skins natural glow. Stick to a simple three-step skincare routine morning and night to enable any skin conditions or flare-ups time to heal.


A skincare routine for stressed skin:
Add the Glow face oil as an oil cleanser to your routine to replace moisture lost through a disrupted epidermal barrier. Glow face oil is infused with plant-based ingredients that are focused on helping to reduce inflammation.

Follow withΒ the Radiant misting toner, infused with chamomile and lavender. It's perfect for sensitive skin.

Finish with the Renew face oil, replacing the moisture lost through a damaged epidermal barrier.


Techniques to reduce stress:
Stress release is personal, often a combination of high-intensity activities to let off steam and quiet contemplation time will help.

What can you do to help manage stress in your life:

πŸŒ™ Start a daily meditation practice; even 5 minutes can help
πŸŒ™ Try journaling as a form of stress release and expression
πŸŒ™ Breathing exercises
πŸŒ™ Make time to do something just for you
πŸŒ™ Move that tush
πŸŒ™ Get a good nights sleep
πŸŒ™ Don't overindulge in caffeine, sugar or alcohol
πŸŒ™ Connect with family & friends
πŸŒ™ Take a time out from social media, texts and emails, even 1 hour a day

We love hitting a hot yoga class or going for a short 20 min run followed by journaling and chatting with a loved one.

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