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Breakout Skin Mapping

Breakout Skin Mapping

Breakouts are not only frustrating, but it's our skin's way of telling us that something is going on below the surface. Breakout skin mapping incorporates traditional Chinese medicine with modern skin facts to allow us to dive deeper into the cause of our breakouts.

Breakouts on your forehead are not related to breakouts on your jawline. We use the method of breakout skin mapping to determine the cause and, thus, the solution. Here are the areas to focus on from top to bottom.


Forehead Breakouts
Breakouts on the forehead are an oily t-zone, digestive issues, poor diet, irregular sleep, stress, poor detoxification and toxic build-up.

External causes of breakouts on the forehead are a sign of pomade acne, which is breakouts caused by your hair products.


Eyebrow Breakouts
Breakouts along your eyebrows indicate food allergies, alcohol consumption, smoking, poor liver function, dehydration, stress and gallbladder issues.

External causes of breakouts along your eyebrows are ingrown hairs or blocked pores after waxing, reaction to eyebrow tinting, makeup or sunscreen, and if you have a fringe, it's a sign of pomade acne, breakouts caused by your hair products.


Temple & Ear Breakouts
Breakouts on your temples indicate stress, excess sebum, dehydration, poor kidney function, hormonal imbalance, bacteria build-up, and poor lymphatic circulation.

External causes of breakouts are a reaction to your hair care and makeup products.


Noise Breakouts
Breakouts on your nose are signs of constipation, bloating, indigestion, poor blood pressure, poor circulation and too much salt.


Around the Mouth
Breakouts around your mouth, particularly above your top lip or on the sides of your mouth, are a sign of hormonal imbalance, ovulation, reproductive organs and irregular bowels.

External causes of breakouts around your mouth are oils and residue left over from a meal, and this is common around the lip line, particularly from salad dressings. Wipe your mouth properly after eating, and dab a little water around your mouth to remove any residue.


Cheek Breakouts
Breakouts on your cheeks are signs of allergies, too much sugar, stress, stomach problems, overeating, poor digestion, poor detoxification, malabsorption of nutrients, pollution and harsh products.

External causes of cheek breakouts are dirty pillowcases, dirty mobile phone screens, dirty makeup brushes and sponges and resting your cheek on your hand. Change your pillowcase at least once a week for those more prone to cheek breakouts every few days. Clean your mobile daily or weak headphones instead.

If you wear makeup daily, clean your makeup brushes every seven to ten days. If you're more of a once or twice-a-week makeup wearer, clean your makeup brushes every fortnight. The longer you wait to clean your makeup brushes, phone screen or change your pillowcase, the longer bacteria has to breed.


Jawline & Chin Acne
Breakouts along the jawline are a sign of hormones, reproductive hormones, greasy food, food intolerances, constipation, stress, stomach imbalances, diet and dehydration.


Breakout Skin Mapping

Combat Breakouts
Combat breakouts by looking at which areas of your face are experiencing breakouts. If it's around your jawline and chin, this is linked to your period cycle.

Our body's detoxification process, stomach and intestine functions and diet are the first things to show on our skin. Limit alcohol, salt, sugar and processed foods. Drink plenty of water, and eat foods high in antioxidants and prebiotics. Keep active and get plenty of sleep. All the elements we know impact our overall health and our skin.

The products you apply to your skin impact your overall skin health, such as comedogenic ingredients which clog pores. Common oils in skincare, such as sesame seed oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, evening prime rose oil, cocoa butter, and carrot seed oil are comedogenic. As well as, products with chemicals can cause a reaction with the skin. Choose natural plant-based products to reduce your risk of breakouts.

You can combat breakouts with a consistent morning and evening skincare routine. Double cleanse, an oil cleanser, is the best at removing makeup, sunscreen and bacteria. The Glow Face Oil is my favourite as it contains plant-based bacteria-fighting ingredients. Apply a Toning Mist before your Face Oil. tThis assists with absorption to ensure it penetrates the deeper layers of your skin, where it can work its magic. Weekly apply a face mask and exfoliate. I opt for our Replenish Face Mask, which works as a gentle exfoliation and antioxidant-rich face mask.


If you made it this far in the post, congratulations! It was a long one but a goodie filled with lots of information to help you combat breakouts with face mapping.

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