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Oily Skin Tip

Oily Skin Tip

This one tip is a total game-changer for those with oily skin. You'll be wishing that you tried this tip earlier and shocked it's not commonly recommended.

Am I an oily skin type?
There can be some confusion between an oily skin type, combination skin type and dry skin type.

An oily skin type has excess sebum on most of the skin's surface, appearing as shiny areas and a greasy feeling, open or enlarged pores. Breakouts, congestion and whiteheads are standard with this skin type.

A combination skin type is commonly referred to as having an oily t-zone. This is when you produce excess sebum on the forehead, nose and chin while your cheeks are often normal or dry. However, this can also be revered where your cheeks are oily, and your t-zone is dry.

Dry skin type feels tight, dry and flaky in areas, has small or invisible pores and a dull appearance. Congestion is expected due to dry skin cells blocking pores, and excess sebum product can occur as the skin try's to rebalance the missing skin moisture, which is why it is commonly misdiagnosed as oily skin.

What is the one magical tip for oily skin types?
If you have oily skin, an oily cleanser is your BFF. This is not a joke! Don't keep strolling. I'm about to tell you why! If you have oily skin, an oily cleanser is your BFF.

There are two reasons an oil cleanser is going to be a total game-changer to your skincare routine.

Oil attracts oil. When cleansing with an oil cleanser, excess sebum, makeup, sweat and sunscreen will be attracted to the cleaner and stick like glue. Meaning when you rinse your cleanser, you'll be removing all the oil from your skin's surface.

Oil cleansers won't strip your skins moisture barrier, protect your skin's pH levels and rebalance and restore oily skin.

If your skin feels squeaky clean after cleansing, you've stripped all your skins moisture and nature oily production. This triggers your skin to produce excess sebum in an attempt to replace the oily you've removed. Thereby creating an oily, shiny complexion.

The perfect cleanse for an oily complexion would be to double cleanse with an oily cleanser infused with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Use warm water, never hot, and face cloth to remove the oil.

Did you know that our face oils double as an oil cleanser? One product, two uses. Pretty great!

Important Tip
Not all oily cleansers are made equal. Be sure to opt for an oily cleanser made from a non-comedogenic oil, which means pore-cloggers. Oils such as sesame seed oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, evening prime rose oil, cocoa butter, carrot seed oil. This is why we don't use these oils in any of our products.

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