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Happiness Is A Habit

Happiness Is A Habit

Now hear me out here, as I know you might be thinking, "as if happiness is a habit, you've gone and lost your marbles, girl".

During lockdowns, continue change and forces outside of our control determining your daily life it most certainly may not feel like a happy time.

So, how do you create a habit of happiness?

It all begins with perspective. Do you choose to focus on the negative or the forces outside of your control? Or do you look at the positives and what is within your control?

Do you use the extra time at home to watch tv, sleep in and order takeaway, or do you use the extra time at home to cultivate that morning routine you've always wanted, to FaceTime you're loved ones and read inspiring books?

While it may seem simplest, happiness is a habit.

It is a habit of taking the space to reflect on what is causing you discomfort to change it. It is a habit of learning to let go of what is not within your control. It is a habit of meditating, exercising, eat whole foods and spending time with your loved ones.

Creating a happiness habit does NOT need to be hard, but it does have to START with awareness. Think of it as an act of self-care.

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