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The Gut Skin Connection

The Gut Skin Connection

It's time to stop looking at our skin and our face in particular with a negative mindset. Instead, start looking at the signals it is trying to tell you.

Sudden pimples, full on breakouts, wrinkles, dry skin, dull skin, eczema, rashes, uneven skin tone are the first signs that there is an in-balance within.

More often than not, it's a sign the gut needs support. Poor digestion can lead to overloaded liver detoxification, meaning our body is not clearing unwanted substances efficiently. The body looks for another way to shift these, and the skin is the next best option.

Here are a few ways to help your digestive system:
🌙 Eat real whole foods
🌙 Avoid processed foods
🌙 Drink lots of water
🌙 Don't drink water with your meals
🌙 Add in a probiotics
🌙 Add apple cider vinegar to your salads
Reduce stress where possible
🌙 Make sleep a priority
🌙 Consult a naturopath for a tailored approach

Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is not only good for your organs daily functions but also your direction and skin.

A healthy digestive system will lead to clearer, supple skin.

Our skin needs what we all need, genuine nurturing, not from a place of fear of how we look but from a place of pure acceptance of what is happening to our complexion right now and what is the best way to nourish it back to its best self.

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