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Gluten & Skincare

Gluten & Skincare

What's the deal with gluten in skincare? If you or a loved one are celiac or gluten intolerant, then you'll want to read this.

The most common question Amy our mixologist and creator of LUNAR Skincare, gets asked is, "does it really matter?". Keep reading to find out the truth behind gluten in skincare and if you or a loved one should be choosing gluten-free skin care.

Gluten derived ingredients such as oils from wheat, rye, malt, oats and barley are often found in chemical skincare, natural skincare, organic skincare and cosmetics as binders and emollients to help mix ingredients together.

Vitamin E, known to make your skin look younger and reduce inflammation, is the most recognised gluten-derived ingredient found in skincare, often sourced from wheat germ oil.

Current research shares that gluten molecules are too large to be absorbed directly through the skin.

This is where it starts to get confusing. Research also states that HWP (hydrolysed wheat protein), which contains gluten, has smaller particles than general gluten molecules. HWP is often added to skincare and cosmetics.

Apart from how your skin absorbs gluten, you should consider any open cuts or wounds and how close you are applying your skincare to your eyes and mouth. Anything ingested can cause inflammation for celiacs and anyone that's gluten intolerant.

Even with such minimal amounts, if, like most women, you use 12-15 products each day, it could be a small continual build-up of inflammation if you're not careful about getting it around your mouth, eyes or cuts.

Those who aren't celiac or gluten intolerant but whose partner or loved ones are. Kissing your partner or loved one after applying skincare with gluten can transfer the gluten molecule into the other person's skin.

Toothpaste, lipstick or lip gloss often contain gluten and is one of the most common ways to slowly create inflammation in the body of those with celiac disease or gluten intolerances. Accidentally rub your body or face lotion onto your lips or close to your eyes; sunscreen entering your mouth while sweating or rubbing saltwater out of your eyes, and so on are all potential microdoses of gluten.

Our mixologist and creator, Amy, is celiac and, as such, chose to ensure our products don't contain any gluten ingredients.

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